Drawing Bloodlines (The Princeton Allegiant Series Book #1) by Deborah Garland – Review by Angela Hayes

Drawing BloodlinesDrawing Bloodlines by Deborah Garland
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Drawing Bloodlines is the first book in The Princeton Allegiant Series by Deborah Garland. OMG- this book is sooo good. I was hooked from the first page, and didn’t put it down till I had read every word. If this first incredible instalment is anything to go by this series is set to be AMAZING!!! I absolutely loved Ms. Garlands Darling Cove Series, but this book managed to eclipse them. Let’s face it though, Ms. Garland had me at the mere mention of vampires- as I LOVE a good paranormal romance, and this certainly has fit that bill!!
I won’t go into the plot/synopsis- because the blurb does a better job than I ever could- but I wish I could find the words to do this author and this book the justice they deserve, because this book is a ‘breath of fresh air’ in a genre that can get a bit ‘stale’. I really CAN NOT WAIT to sink my teeth into the rest of the series- the new instalment/s can’t come quick enough for my liking.
As I have mentioned, this is a fantastic paranormal romance with plenty of feels, second chances, drama, excitement, passion, action, angst, vampire ‘politics, hidden agendas, a completely captivating plot, and exceptional world building by Ms. Garland. The premise of the story is creative and imaginative- and has a uniqueness and originality that is hard to find in this genre.
These new characters are superb- and that’s one of the things that Ms. Garland does so very well- being able to get her reader/s to completely invest in her characters and their story, whilst also imbuing the story with so much emotion, tension, and anticipation- that pulls the reader into the story and has us smiling, laughing, sobbing, and swooning as we follow along.
I got to the end and I really didn’t want the story to have finished, I wanted to keep reading and explore more of the “world’ and characters. I want to know so much more about Elizabeth and Alex’s lives… and I hope we get that chance in future instalments. I NEED Loren and Julianna’s story now, too- as well as Francisco’s!!! Gah… I am so excited to see what comes next!!!
This is a “MUST READ” for any avid paranormal romance fan- but anyone who loves a great, well written, romantic, and captivating read should also consider this book- as this story/series really does deserve to be read and should be on everyone’s TBR list!

Kudos!!! And Thank you, Ms. Garland!


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