Minx by Maggie Adams – Review by Angela Hayes

MINXMINX by Maggie Adams
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MINX by Maggie Adams was a delightfully funny romp that had me smiling and laughing out loud as I read along. This is also my first read by Ms. Adams, and what a great introduction it was! I will certainly be going on a search to hunt down more of her books to explore.
I loved meeting Miranda, and the rest of the cast of interesting and quirky characters. They were really well developed, realistic, and relatable- this story is definitely character driven, and really wouldn’t be the same without them. But there is more to this story than just the humour- there is also loss, shock, confusion, friendship, strength, finding yourself, some drama, witty dialogue, and a great ending!
After 20 years of marriage, Miranda’s husband decides to end their relationship- forcing her out of the family home and replacing her with a younger woman. She is a little lost- and with little skills except those of a stay at home mother and wife, she’s not sure what to do. But with the help of her friends, she sets out on her ‘adventure’ of building a life for herself after 20 years of basically being a doormat. And so, the hilarity ensues.
This was a very short, quick and easy read. It zipped along at a fast pace, which made it a little hectic at times, and also made it a little difficult to fully connect with the characters. I would love this book to have been a bit longer, so we had more time to invest in the characters and their story.
Having said that though, this was a really fun story and I did enjoy it.

Thank you, Ms. Adams!


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