Operation Boyfriend by Molly Zenk – Review by Angela Hayes

Operation BoyfriendOperation Boyfriend by Molly Zenk
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Operation Boyfriend by Molly Zenk is a new adult romance story with a little drama, some angst, emotion, hidden agendas, revelations, danger, revenge, friendship, humour, surprising developments, and a love triangle. I initially thought the story was going to be a little predictable, but Ms. Zenk added a twist that definitely gave some excitement to the story. This is also my first read by Ms. Zenk.
Glynnis hasn’t had much luck when it came to her love life. Her long-term boyfriend leaves her- for another GUY! And when she finally decides to get back out there, she has one disastrous date after another. We follow along as Glynnis traverses college life, social media, and dating. She meets Corin, and then Daniel is added to the mix. One is quirky, goofy, and awkward- while the other is suave, confident, and successful. Glynnis has a dilemma, head vs heart. What will she decide? But not everything is as it appears…
The story contains some humour and emotion which help to give the story balance. But there was also a lot of texting/social media posts/and blogging scenes- but I’m not sure that there needed to be quite so much of it as I felt that it interrupted the flow of the story at times.
If you like angst, new adult romance, realistic and believable young adult characters, and a twist to your storyline- then this is the story for you!

Thank you, Ms. Zenk!


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