Operation Boyfriend by Molly Zenk – Review by Jenni Bishop

Operation BoyfriendOperation Boyfriend by Molly Zenk
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Operation Boyfriend by Molly Zenk is a young adult romance story that I have a love hate relationship with. The story is well written but I did not like the main character or her best friend. The MC is one who really wouldn’t think for herself and let others make her decisions for her in all aspects of her life. Her supposed best friend I would have given up if she was my friend. There is so much angst that many times I went to put the book down and give up but for some reason each time I pushed on. The premise of the story was good and there is some interesting twists and I loved the character, Corin, he found his way into my heart. There is a little humour in the story that made reading it a little more fun.

If you like a story that is full of young adult angst then I am sure you will enjoy this story.

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