Jake the Growling Dog (Jake the Growling Dog Book 1) by Samantha Shannon – Review by Kaitlynn Taylor

Jake the Growling DogJake the Growling Dog by Samantha Shannon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jake the Growling Dog- Samantha Shannon


I loved everything about this children’s book! This author did an amazing job of conveying an important message in a way that children can actually understand.

Jake is a very misunderstood dog, he’s nothing like he appears and thankfully one of his friends is able to see through his scary growl and recognize him for who he is. Everyone is unique in their very own way and we need to be thankful for our differences and be open to change.

I was able to read this book with my 3-year-old and even he was able to understand that Jake is a good dog and his growl is his only way of communicating, well done Samantha! I will definitely be reading this to him again and again!

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