Love On The Ropes (Love In Action Book 1) by Aviva Vaughn – Review by Samantha Jayne Grubey

Love On The Ropes (Love in Action, #1)Love On The Ropes by Aviva Vaughn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So I have not read the Beckoned series before this and just like it says it is a standalone you don’t feel like you miss anything from not reading the original series which I love because there’s a few times where I’ve read standalone and been completely clueless because of what happened in the previous book/serious.

I love the frenemies to lovers trope it is one of my favourites mainly because I always love the banter between the two characters, Erin and Clint did not disappoint they gave me some banter worthy scenes and I loved it!

I really like Clint he is hilarious especially with his internal monologue for himself, the fact he knows he teases and annoys Erin and recognises that he still wants her, like the kind of get in that bedroom wanting you and I like that he doesn’t hide it all that way. He’s very charming and charismatic, although not all that great about expressing those feelings he has.

Erin I’m on the fence of how I feel about her, I like her character but she’s also kind of annoying at the same time, strangely. Although once Clint starts opening up to her I like her a little bit more she doesn’t seem so judgy. So other than the judgyness of her I really like her character.

Although we stan Fern! I love him! He’s super supportive!

I like how much we go into the climbing scene this book teaching me things I didn’t even know, although that scene kind of gave me chills between CLint and Erin. The sexual tension between these characters, honestly the tension comes pouring off the page. The fact they both want each other but really don’t say it at the beginning makes me really frustrated I just want them to talk to each other and be honest how they feel. Damn the drama that happened in this book the cabin and the woods (I have to admit reminds me of a certain horror movie that did the cabin in the woods, not the actual thing that happened but the name).

I really enjoyed this story and the plot of the story, I will definitely be interested in reading some more of this author’s work, it was a really cute enjoyable read! I liked the characters and the story kept me reading!

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