Past Storm and Fire by Christy Nicholas – Review by Jana Teppih

Past Storm and FirePast Storm and Fire by Christy Nicholas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Past Storm and Fire by Christy Nicholas is a mindblowing read filled with adventure, romance, black magic and mystery that spans a thousand years! It is weird how at some point I started hearing Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years at the back of my head (like a soundtrack to the story unfolding!) It was my first read by this writer and I was happy to see that I had made a right decision by picking it up! I hope that there will be another book like the main character is told at the end of the book!
We have Val whose life if falling into pieces amongst the damage from the hurricane Andrew and her husband’s deceit. She finds relief from daily grind by starting to write a novel based in Iceland over thousand years ago … she gets lost in the world where the past and the present and the future collide … I studied Islandic back at university so I took special delight in the story and the attention to the detail that the writer is luring us in … I truly hope that there is another book bringing us deeper into the story!

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