Winging It (Destiny Rules Series Book 1) by Lisa Gail Green – Review by Anna Hirsch

Winging It (Destiny Rules Series Book 1)Winging It by Lisa Gail Green
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Winging It (Destiny Rules Series Book 1) by Lisa Gail Green
4 Stars

I don’t usually read books with a male main character. I much prefer the strong female leads. I was pleasantly surprised with this novel. It was really fun to read. It is a light hearted fantasy story involving fairies, magic and adventure. It has action, humour and suspense. There was romance as well but seeing as the characters are mainly teenagers, it was filled with raging hormones and adolescent angst.

Zach finds out his mother is a fairy godmother and kind of freaks out when he realizes he’s a fairy as well. With his mother injured, he will need to finish her assignments before the full moon or they are both grounded. The next week of his life is thrown into total chaos with Zach continuously breaking the rules, getting drugged and fighting for his life. Who knew being a fairy godmother was so dangerous?

I ended up really liking Zach. He was an awkward sixteen year old who would constantly fumble around the girl he liked. He was caring and stood up for what he believed in. I enjoyed watching his confidence build by the end of the novel. The characters are great and likeable and the story is well written. This is a fantastic YA fantasy book. I’m looking forward to reading part two in the series.

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