Devil’s Due: Satan’s Devils MC (Colorado Chapter #3) by Manda Mellett – Review by Francis O’Sullivan

Devil's Due: Satan's Devils MC Colorado Chapter #3Devil’s Due: Satan’s Devils MC Colorado Chapter #3 by Manda Mellett
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I hadn’t really read anything focusing on motorcycle clubs before I discovered Manda Mellett’s Satan’s Devils series, and now I’m hooked! Devil’s Due is the third book in the Colorado Chapter series.
I enjoy these books because they’re exciting, action-packed and hard to put down. I got so frustrated when I started reading Devil’s Due on the bus because I didn’t want to stop reading when I reached my destination! Another thing I’ve enjoyed in the past in Mellett’s books, which this book also contains, is the way she writes messy, human and beautiful relationships. It’s not all about young, beautiful people having perfect happily-ever-afters!
Something that really stood out for me in Devil’s Due was the inclusion of a main character who is blind. The character’s blindness is crucial to the plot in a number of ways and Mellett is always considerate of how the character might approach different tasks and what support she might need from the others (like not leaving their boots lying around on the floor!).
Since there’s a main Satan’s Devils MC series and the Colorado Chapter spin-off, there are multiple points at which you can jump into the series. Personally, I started at Paladin’s Hell which is the first book in the Colorado Chapter, but I want to go back and read some of the other stories to get the background of the characters I’ve encountered from the main Arizona chapter. You could also read this book as a standalone, if it particularly interests you.
For me, this is a five-star book. I was hooked, found it very enjoyable and also learnt a fair bit from it.

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