Enemies of the Desert (Silent Secrets Series Book 3) by Lisette Kristensen – Review By Lisa Helmick

Enemies of the DesertEnemies of the Desert by Lisette Kristensen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This picks up about a month after the last book. In this story we get to hang out with old friends and meet some new ones. With that being said I would recommend reading the previous books in the series to see how Blackbird became a Mossad and how she is moving forward. This one isn’t as full of action as the last book. It seems to be showing a softer side of Blackbird and Even Halo. Which is nice but when business time arrives everyone switches gears. There is a baddie that shows up again in this book. We have met her previously and I really don’t like her. She is Evil incarnate.

This is another good book for this series. I could see Blackbird struggle a bit in this one with a few different things. Trust is a hard commodity to come by in her new world as it was in her old world. I am always impressed at her ingenuity when different situations arise.

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