Girl Trap (A Madeline Dawkins Mystery Book 3) by Cynthia Hamilton – Review by Emily Walsh

Girl TrapGirl Trap
By: Cynthia Hamilton
My Rating: 3 of 5 stars

Girl Trap (Madeline Dawkins #3) by Cynthia Hamilton was a gripping suspenseful read that kept me reading.

The third book in this series, I was excited to get my hands on it. Now this is a continuation series, so I highly suggest reading the other two books or you will not be able to get the full impact of this story.

Going into this book I think I might have set the bar a little too high, as I very much enjoyed the other two books, but I found this one was a little off. Right away I got that feeling, there was a little back tracking with the character development, and well, at this point in the of story the MC should be solidified, and we should be seeing the results. It wasn’t like that for the whole book, as the second half was pretty great, it just felt like there was two stories in one. I also found that there was some filler, and over explaining that made the flow dull and a little, meh.

Outside of this, this book still had the same suspenseful feelings as the other two. The main detail was on point, and pulls you in. The overall plot is pulling, gripping and has you second guessing some details, making it fun and engaging. This book has a lot of potential, and I think it just needs some polish, and a little more direction, to make it pop like the other two. I will warn you this books does end on a sort of cliff hanger, so I am excited that there’s going to be another book.

So with all that said, this wasn’t a bad read and I did quite enjoy it. It was just lacking a little, and frankly I think it was more a bridge to get to that forth book. So to end, this books gets my recommendation and my stamp of approval.

Happy Reading

-E.A. Walsh

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