Hoosier Dad by Elizabeth Seckman – Review by Lisa Helmick

Hoosier DadHoosier Dad by Elizabeth Seckman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hoosier Dad
By Elizabeth Seckman
Rated 4 stars

This is a good story that drew me in easily from the beginning. It is smart and snappy. While it lost some of that edge as the story moves forward it still kept me interested. This is full of small town gossip and problems. Everyone is whispering and talking about everyone else and there is no business like everyone else’s business. This became a little too much for me as the story rolled along. It wasn’t over the top but just not something I am a fan of.
I did like the Main characters. Rich, the kids and Sarah were fun and added zest to the story. I wish there was more romance instead of the doubt that was always there for the two MC’s. I would have liked the story to touch back on the whole dandelion thing. I thought that was so sweet but it never resurfaced. I highlighted those words because they were so true and a great idea

This is a first time author for me. It was a good story and I read it fairly quickly. My main issue was realism. It was a bit like a soap opera and involved a lot of small town chatter.

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