RETURN (Rewind Book 2) By Rowan Shaw – Review by Laura Furuta

Return (Rewind #2)Return by Rowan Shaw
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

RETURN (Rewind Book 2)
By: Rowan Shaw
5 out of 5 stars

The story RETURN (Rewind Book 2) by Rowan Shaw is an amazing book that I fell in love with and just couldn’t put down. It pulled me in from the very beginning and I found myself lost reading the storyline and about the characters. It is a story that tells the tale of Raphael Diop and Adrien Dupuis. Raphael meets Adrien when he is trying to find a place to stay. He is a student and wonders just who the man standing in front of his really is. Adrien is a man who is handsome and stubborn. Both Raphael and Adrien seem to have a tendency to deny or ignore what is at times right before them. There is an attraction between them. There is also sparks as well as desire. What does the future hold for Raphael and Adrien? Read this book to find out. This story is at times emotional and also has some romantic scenes that are very steamy. I found myself growing to care about Adrien and Raphael with each chapter that I read, and I wanted them to be happy. There are intense conversations between these two. I enjoyed the bantering that goes back and forth between them. There are additional characters introduced and have their own part to play in the story. This is a wonderful story with characters that are unforgettable and come alive on the page. I would highly recommend reading this book.

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