REWIND by Rowan Shaw – Review by Lisa Helmick

Rewind (Rewind #1)Rewind by Rowan Shaw
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this….absolutely loved it. I don’t read M/M romances too often but this one intrigued me so I gave it a go. This is so much more than a romance between two people. It actually made me *feel* what it was like to be them….against every prejudice you can Imagine. From outting themselves and just showing affection in public to rejection from family and friends to public ridicule. They had a long road to journey down to get to their happy ending.

Enzo is amazing! So strong and smart! I loved everything about him. He has a heart of gold! His struggle to overcome made him who he became to be. Florian is a different sort of strong. What he had to overcome is not the same as Enzo but caused by the same “accident”. I almost feel he got the worst end of the deal. When they are together it’s easy to see how happy they both become by their smiles and gestures.

This is my first book by this author. I loved the is so easy to read and I finished this In one day. I couldn’t put it down. It is filled with suspense, charm and many lovely moments. My only complaint would be Enzos family. I felt that was left open ended. But really it’s a small issue in the grand scheme of things. The characters were great! I think I would love a Patrick in my life. He seemed a “no holds barred” kind of guy. I see the next book is out so I will be diving into that next.

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