The Arrangement Duet Box Set By Madison Quinn – Review by Angelina Frazzini

The Arrangement Duet Box SetThe Arrangement Duet Box Set by Madison Quinn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Arrangement Duet Box Set by Madison Quinn contains the books On His Terms and On Her Terms.

Kenzie fled a past no one should experience. Doing so has landed her in New York City in a not so good part of town working two jobs to keep herself afloat. Nicholas owns a multimillion dollar company so you would think his dating life wouldn’t make a difference yet the public seems to think he can’t manage his company if he doesn’t have a serious relationship. Kenzie is approached my a customer with an opportunity that would allow her to not work so many hours but make more money. This opportunity is how she formally meets Nicholas. They agree on an arrangement that will pay Kenzie well while keeping Nicholas’ dating life away from the public. What happens when the attraction becomes to much to handle? Will Nicholas and Kenzie be able to keep their arrangement while keeping his business afloat and her demons at bay?

This duet box set was amazing to read! I couldn’t get enough of the story and I was so glad both books were together so I could read them immediately. This story sucked me and I couldn’t put it down! Kenzie is such a great character and she seems like someone you could absolutely be friends with. Nicholas seems contradictory at times in regards to how he feels about relationships and his tenderness toward Kenzie. I loved these characters as much as I loved the story!

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