The Good Neighbors by Kiersten Modglin – Review by Emily Walsh

The Good NeighborsThe Good Neighbors
By: Kiersten Modglin
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Good Neighbors by Kiersten Modglin was a gripping psychological thriller, that had me hooked from start to finish.

Have you ever sat at the end of a book and just went, what the hell… what the hell? That was me, full on, not really comprehending how the author led me by the nose. This book was even told in dual POV and still managed to mislead you and catch you off guard. Again, what the hell?… (These are good, what the hells, BTW)

At first this book read like you’re normal romance, opens pretty clean, meet the creepy neighbours and what not. But then things got crazy, I mean, there is one scene were I’m like, that just happened, that really just happened. I felt for Harper, and it really shows you how things can get out of hand in an instance. It also shows the difference in loyalties, temptation and how when two people are presented with the same situation, that there are two totally different outcomes. Pretty freaking amazing if you ask me.

I can go one and on, but even if i get into character pros and cons, I might spoil something, as everything is so intertwine that one small thing might ruin the magic of this mine twisting thriller. Cause when you get to that plot twist/bomb, you’re not going to see it coming, and you’re going to be sitting there going, what the hell!?

So overall, yes, I loved this book, and yes I am going to be checking out more books by this crazy author, and yes, this book gets my super high recommendation and my golden stamp of approval.

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