Vermilion Lies (The Order of the Senary Series Book 3) by L.D. Rose – Review by Erin Wolf

Vermilion Lies (The Order of the Senary, #3)Vermilion Lies by L.D. Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I give Vermilion Lies (The Order of the Senary Book 3) by L.D. Rose, 4 stars.

Dax lives to hunt and kills vampires. They prey on victims and have no feelings whatsoever. He is ruthless and efficient. Until he comes across Cindy. She is not ruthless at all, in fact she seems to be a victim. He didn’t think vampires could be like this. Now he seems to feel for her in ways he never should.

Vampire Cindel (Cindy) has been on the run for so long now. She thought her maker was the worst, but she has found out nothing is free. In the world of users of all kind, she gives what she has to to survive. When a ruthless killer shows up, she knows her life is over. But for some reason, he lets her live. As ruthless as he is, she is strangely highly attracted to him. Is a relationship even possible? When her past comes back to haunt her, she knows she has to make this work, but is it too late?

This is an enjoyable book and a great addition to the series. I really like both main characters and enjoyed learning more about them. The secondary characters also help to make this book so good. Some of your favorites are back, along with new ones you love to hate. But this isn’t just a story about the main couple. There is action in this book also, making it a well-rounded story and that much more enjoyable.

If you like paranormal romance with great characters and suspense thrown in, this book and series is for you. Oh and it can be read as a standalone but I recommend the whole series.

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