Moonlit Whisper: An Irish Romance (Moonlit Destination Series) by Amy McKinley – Review by Jennifer Wolbeck

Moonlit Whisper (An Irish Romance)Moonlit Whisper by Amy McKinley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another great short, PG-13 romance from Amy McKinley. I liked this one better than A Moonlit Whisper because I found the love triangle and the college setting more interesting. Fiona is faced with a difficult decision: Stay with her fiancé, Lachlan, or rekindle her romance with her long lost ex-boyfriend, Conner.

Fictional or not, I never agree with people who cheat on their partners, so I was interested to see how A Moonlit Whisper dealt with this. In the end, I believe that the story had enough substance and backstory for everything to resolve the way McKinley wanted. I recommend this for anyone looking for a nice, short romance.

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