Blood Relations (The Sorrel Janes Mysteries) by Lonna Enox – Review by Jenni Bishop

Blood RelationsBlood Relations by Lonna Enox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Blood Relations (The Sorrel Janes Mysteries) by Lonna Enox is the second book in the series and Lonna upped the ante in this one. I was intrigued and on tender hooks the whole time wondering what would happen next. There was absolutely no way that I could guess what was going to happen and Lonna certainly threw some twists that you would never see happening. It is actioned packed and full of suspense and mystery often had my heart racing. I love the characters in this series they often make me laugh, they are loyal and they are strong.

Sorrel has unknowingly become embroiled in something when on the hunt for a friend. Will she survive and find out the truth?

I impatiently await the next one.

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