Jumping the Shark (Paranormal Talent Agency, #5) by Heather Silvio – Review by Jenni Bishop

Jumping the Shark (Paranormal Talent Agency, #5)Jumping the Shark by Heather Silvio
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jumping the Shark (Paranormal Talent Agency Book 5) by Heather Silvio is a short and quick quirky paranormal romance story. This series is unique and original and you really need to read all the books in order. I’ve said it before but I will say it again Heather has cleverly mastered this genre and has provided stories that you just don’t want to put down. There is a well developed plot with twists and turns and Heather’s use of suspense keeps you reading to find out what happens.

Barbara loves the power she has and has forsaken love to get where she is but is she truly evil? Perhaps there is a way she can have it all but can she truly change?

I won’t share any of the details because you will have to read this book to find out but I look forward to reading the next and last book in this series.

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