Orion’s Kiss by Claire Luana – Review by Emily Walsh

Orion's KissOrion’s Kiss
By: Claire Luana
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Orion’s Kiss by Claire Luana was a quick interesting read that kept me reading, and engaged.

Not my first read by this author so I was excited to get my hands on it. As a fan of greek mythology, this sparked my interest right away. In regards to story flow and plot it was pretty okay, I love it, and overall I did enjoy this book. But there are somethings that bothered me and frankly speaking, I’m not sure if this should have been a YA, I think the material would have worked better with an older MC.

Lets start with what bothered me the most, this book follows a very standard YA format, and I was surprise really, because this authors other works, I have read, were anything but standard. There was a bit of a dark humour thing going on, that for me missed the mark a little bit, as she rationalized murder a little too well, for someone of that age. Like I’m not complaining about her conclusion, cause frankly speaking I would have come to the same one, but it was just the nonchalant way she wen about it, and her best friend’s easy acceptance that got me. It was just, a little too farfetched you could say.

Other then that, I did have a good time reading this book. I like the original concept, and I did like the MC’s witty personality. There as just something about her that was eye catching and made up for the other indiscretions. This is a fairly quick read, so the story line moves quite fast, so I can see why things were done the way they were.

So please take my high recommendation and my stamp of approval, that if you’re looking for a fast fun read, with a little bit of star crossed romance, a touch of darkness, a good old fashion kidnapping, and some enemy turned friends/lovers, then this read is for you.

Happy Reading

-Review by @eawalsh

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