Queen of the Warrior Bees (Natural Forces Book 1) by Jean Gill – Review by Emma Morreale

Queen of the Warrior Bees (Natural Forces #1)Queen of the Warrior Bees by Jean Gill
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Right off the bat there were so many things that intrigued me about this book. I absolutely adore bees so just reading the words warrior bees made me think “I need this book right now”. And I was not disappointed. Mielitta was found as baby and she believes that for this reason, she is kept as a servant and a child while all her peers are now considered adults. Most of her school friends also seem to have forgotten her somewhat. Is this some sort of magic or are they just all just huge jerks?
The Forest is forbidden and most people don’t question why. Mielitta can’t help but be curious when everyone else is content and I love her for that. How she experiences the world around her is extremely intriguing. Food and drink only taste of salt but her sense of smell has like 4 layers to it. She can assign colors to different scents as well as descriptive words she has only read but knows instinctively are accurate. Everything about this girl fascinating and had me tearing through this book for answers, especially after reading about the Councillors. They immediately seemed sketchy and their abilities made me distrust basically every word they said. They all seemed out for themselves no matter how much they said they were loyal to the Citadel.
I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book!

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