RETURN (Rewind Book 2) by Rowan Shaw – Review by Sue Kemp

Return (Rewind #2)Return by Rowan Shaw
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Return (Rewind Book 2)
By Rowan Shaw

Return is the second book in the Rewind series by Rowan Shaw. I probably should mention that this is a bisexual romance, if you don’t like this type of stories, I wouldn’t probably read it. However, for those of us that can read this type of storyline you are absolutely going to love this book especially if you liked Rewind. Now I have found while this is a part of a series it can be read as a standalone. Return is centered around Adrien and Raphel. Liked both main characters and I really wouldn’t be able to pick which of these two I would say was my favorite. What I also liked about this book was that the secondary characters added another level to this story, so love a book when you get to know the secondary characters as well as the primary characters. Return is written so well it just seems to flow nicely. You will probably get a little lost in this book for the simple reason you are not going to be able to put the book down, until life rudely interrupts.

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