The Brass Compass: A Novel by Ellen Butler – Review by Tausha Treadway

The Brass CompassThe Brass Compass by Ellen Butler
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The Brass Compass: A Novel by Ellen Butler. WOW! I usually don’t even take a second glance at Historical books but I’m so glad I did this one. Its one of the best books I’ve read this year. Its the story of Lily Saint James, a american, who grew up traveling Europe, learning languages every where she went. She has been recruited to join the Civilian OSS (Office of Strategic Services) as a spy during World War II in Germany. Its like she was made for this job. After her training she is offered the job of Nanny in a high German Official’s home where she hears all kinds of information. She relay’s this information to her contact in Berlin as he is getting arrested. Knowing she is in danger she runs. Will she make it to the right people with the information she has or will she be captured? This book was amazing and it will suck you in.

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