The Fish that Climbed a Tree by Kevin Ansbro – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Fish That Climbed a TreeThe Fish That Climbed a Tree by Kevin Ansbro
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Fish that Climbed a Tree by Kevin Ansbriso is a story that has a little bit of everything from humour and fantasy, immortality and cruelty, murder and violence, the afterlife and coming-of-age, mystery and thrills, ghosts and a lot more. Kevin has written a story that is very imaginative and thought provoking. He leads us on a wild journey where anything is fair game and his storytelling is very vivid. There is a cast of characters that you will either love or hate which brings a different narrative and picture to the whole book.

It is one book that you will have to read to understand the simplicity in the complexity.

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