The Fish that Climbed a Tree by Kevin Ansbro – Review by Katie Kearney

The Fish That Climbed a TreeThe Fish That Climbed a Tree by Kevin Ansbro
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Fish That Climbed a Tree By Kevin Ansbro. This is my first read by this author and I found it to be a very interesting story. The author did a great job of writing something unique and engaging. I like the authors writing style it’s a good mix of humor and serious without feel too heavy. The characters are complex and different from other books. This book is a perfect example of don’t judge a book by the cover , mind you I don’t dislike the cover I just almost passed this one by but am trying to open my reading to things I’d normally pass. And I’m so glad I listened to my “don’t judge a book by the cover .” Talk because I definitely would have been missing out on a unique story by a new to me author. I’m giving this story a four star review and recommend it. Excited to see what the author offers readers next.

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