The Gauntlet: The Soppranaturale Series by Ashley Pagano – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Gauntlet: The Soppranaturale SeriesThe Gauntlet: The Soppranaturale Series by Ashley Pagano
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The Gauntlet: The Soppranaturale Series by Ashley Pagano is a short paranormal story that is fun and original. Even though it is a short story it packs a punch and it has everything needed to keep you entertained and intrigued. What mystery does this hotel hold? What is going on behind closed doors? There is action and battles, magic and danger, suspense and hurt, secrets and romance and this is only part of what to expect. When there are many magical beings such as Vampires and Witches, Elves and Fae all in one place things tend to get a little tense and the place to go to let off a little steam is the gauntlet. Ashley has done a great job of adding her spin on the supernatural beings and the place in which they dwell, giving them a new light.
Ommily has always been drawn to the unknown, the more mystical side of life and has come to the one place that may hold all the answers she seeks.
Link has been alone for a very long time. Always under the impression that he was the last of his kind but the stunning creature that just walked in the door is more than what she first seems.

This magical world draws you in and almost seems that it is real and you are as much a participant as the characters. If you love the paranormal then this is a book that you will love. Go on you know you want to.

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