The Gauntlet: The Soppranaturale Series by Ashley Pagano – Review by Sheri Schrader

The Gauntlet: The Soppranaturale SeriesThe Gauntlet: The Soppranaturale Series by Ashley Pagano
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Gauntlet by Ashley Pagano is the first book in “The Soppranaturale Series”. I was drawn into the story immediately and did not want it to end. This is a quick read but worth the time. Ommily and Link are tasked with defeating the Gauntlet. Will they work together and win? I really enjoyed the characters of Ommily and Link. The two are different but similar in some aspects. I like that the two of them have powers that work together. This makes them a powerful team. Also, the other characters at the Soppranaturale are interesting as well. I look forward to more in this series and where the story will go in the future.

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