Game Changer by Sylvie Stewart – Review by Lisa Helmick

Game ChangerGame Changer by Sylvie Stewart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Small town girl..big city boy. One open emotionally the other is closed. One silly and the other is Intense. Can they ever match? This was a slow starter for me. I understand why later it’s because the author has a lot of setting up to do for the end of the book. That’s where thing really got happening. It all seemed to come full circle. Poppy’s job and Mac’s job. Poppy’s family and Mac’s family. Poppy’s friends and Mac’s friends. Look who is matching now!

This is listed as a romantic comedy but I honestly didn’t feel it was. There were a few times but mostly it seemed darker and more serious. That could be attributed to the male lead. He is a alpha male who is dark and broody. She refers to him as a dragon or King Kong multiple times. He says he doesn’t have a word limit a day but between you and me…I think he does. So getting his story out of him is like pulling teeth.

I enjoyed the sister, Iris, and a co worker, Naveed of Poppy. They both added some flair to the story. Even Bunny, Bobby Lee and Cookie were some nice additions.

This isn’t my first book by this author. I love her Carolina Series. This just seemed to reach quite that high. The story was good and the characters had growth. The author did a good job relaying the intense attraction the two MC’s had for each other. I was saddened and irritated a few times while reading. Then I did get that big “O” of shock. I didn’t see that coming. This is a good story to me though not a rom com

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