Guilty Pleasures Volume 3: Guilty Pleasures by Joyce McCarthy – Review by Liz Vrchota

Guilty Pleasures Volume 3Guilty Pleasures Volume 3 by Joyce McCarthy
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The Guilty Pleasures Volumes from Joyce McCarthy are just that, my guilty pleasure reads. I always know I am in for a hot and steamy reading session whenever I pick up one of these novels. I have read the books in order, and recommend that you do as well for the maximum enjoyment of the series. These are short quickie reads of Brad and his various sexual encounters. So, with that said yes, this book is steamy and contains content that the reader would enjoy if they prefer an erotic fiction novel. If that isn’t your cup of tea I wouldn’t recommend you read this. However, if it is your thing, these books are fabulous options. I love how each of the stories stick to twenty or so pages, so it is enough to wet your palate but not overwhelm you with details. I prefer to read these is spurts before bed each evening when I choose these types of collections. This being volume three we are all aware that Brad enjoys several of the taboo subjects that most are afraid to admit they like, let alone detail. Not the case here as Brad shares all about it from his international flight tryst to the kinkiest of threesomes. Every moment is fun and done with class that isn’t so easy to do. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on the next set of stories.

The following are the titles of each included in this volume…

-My First Time With a Hooker (#1) – Brad and Betsy
-The Hottie from the Mall (#2) – Brad and Amanda
-Naughty in the Train (#3) – Brad and Joanna
-Wedding Fun (#4) – Brad and Susan
-My Hot Summer Training (#5) – Brad and Jackie
-Business With Pleasure (#6) – Brad and Tanya
-Closing the Deal (#7) – Brad and Penny
-The Girl I Met Online (#8) – Brad and Natasha
-Adventure in the Trial Room (#9) – Brad and Anne
-Flight of Passion (#10) – Brad and Natalie
-Room Service (#11) – Brad and Sonia
-Fireworks With Strangers (#12) – Brad, Mona, and Celina
-The Sexy Lady of the Hills (#13) – Brad and Stella
-The Hot Massage (#14) – Brad and Scarlet
-My Girlfriend’s Hot Friend (#15) – Brad, Betty, and Julie.

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