Guilty Pleasures Volume 3: Guilty Pleasures by Joyce McCarthy – Review by Maura Harper

Guilty Pleasures Volume 3Guilty Pleasures Volume 3 by Joyce McCarthy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brad, Brad, Brad. Oh Brad what a randy lad you are.

GUILTY PLEASURES is the highlight reel of Brad’s adventures. It is a a quick journal entry in the diary of Brad’s sex life. Almost like a 100th episode of your favorite sit com but these are sex scenes.

Each chapter is a scene of its own. Each scene is quick and to the point filled with open door erotica. Some are hotter than others but they all pack a punch. They are almost like the old “Penthouse Letters” that all had the phrase “…when much time my surprise ”

A quick and easy read that can picked up and put down as the mood strikes.

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