Happily Ever After – Brothers of Camelot Style by Necie Navone – Review by Elizabeth Sanchez

Happily Ever After - Brothers of Camelot StyleHappily Ever After – Brothers of Camelot Style by Necie Navone
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Happily Ever After- Brothers of Camelot Style is the sequel to The Only One by Necie Navone. It continues the story of Drake (Fitz) and Isabella (Bella) as they get married. Bella vowed she would marry him one day, when she was just 4 years old, but after being ripped away in her teens by her mother, they both kissed that dream goodbye. But then years later Isabella returned and claimed what was hers. Drake used to live by the motto “One and Done,” never sleeping with the same girl twice. Now he is vowing Bella is his “One and Only.” The story takes place the week of their fairy tale Camelot style wedding. I love all these stories, and adore the whole bunch of Camelot men and their Camelot Wenches. Their friendships and family ties are wonderful, and each character has their own personality. They tease each other mercilessly but its all done with love. I highly recommend this whole series, and recommend you read them in order to get the full background stories.

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