Mountains Climbed (Mountains Series #2) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Debi Kircher

Mountains Climbed (Mountains, #2)Mountains Climbed by Phoebe Alexander
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Mountains Climbed (Mountains Series #2) by Phoebe Alexander

5 ++++++ Stars

Oh Dear Lord this author is trying to kill me! I can not even with her right now!

One thing I wanted more than anything after reading the first of this series was to be able to hear from James and Oh My Word I got that in this part…I can not even imagine his struggle, the back and forth that was twisting his thoughts and emotions therefore twisting mine.

Then Sarah, Oh My Heart! While reading both of these books but especially this one her feelings jumped right off the pages and planted themselves in my heart…

I felt completely exhausted after reading this yet was so so ready to jump into the next one, which for the record I DON’T HAVE YET and I seriously don’t think I will make it through the wait!
All of the characters in this continuing story have completely won me over, and since I know that this is loosely based on a true story it has helped me to transport into and feel like I was present for much of the book. Rachel stands for everything I’ve always wanted in a best friend and I love watching Abby grow up, I raised 4 girls and everything between Abby and Sarah felt so real.

Not going to comment specifically on any parts of this story because this being the second part and being an ongoing story I don’t want to ruin anything from the first. I will though comment on how awesome it was to meet Garrett, again and have the background I so needed while reading his story. I now want to read that one again and will!

I need the next one NOW, my emotions are all over the place and I can feel that that isn’t going to change when I have the next in my hands. So many things are still up in the air and I can not wait to see how they all play out.

Start at the beginning…A total must in my opinion…

I LOVE this author!!

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