Love Me, Dreamy (Love Me Series) by Laura Burton – Review by Francis O’Sullivan

Love Me, DreamyLove Me, Dreamy by Laura Burton

Love Me, Dreamy is a paranormal romance by Laura Burton. It opens with Amelia meeting (and being instantly attracted to) Toby and follows their relationship as it develops. It’s a mysterious, complex story with some adventure thrown in.
This is a book you need to be a bit patient with. At first, I thought it was badly written. Events didn’t really flow properly or always make sense, and there’s often a focus on seemingly unimportant details. But as the story unfolds things start fitting together and I realised it’s actually a very clever book!
I enjoyed reading a romance that’s set in both the UK and the US. I can relate to how Amelia felt experiencing the scale of things in America! And it was fun seeing places I recognised from the UK.
This book gets four stars from me. If you’re into romance and after something a bit different, this book will stand out! I urge you to keep reading if you’re not sure about it to begin with – you will be rewarded!

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