The Arrangement Duet Box Set by Madison Quinn – Review by Angela Hayes

The Arrangement Duet Box SetThe Arrangement Duet Box Set by Madison Quinn
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The Arrangement Duet Box Set by Madison Quinn is made up of “On His Terms” (Book #1) and “On Her Terms” (Book #2). I have read all of Ms. Quinn’s other books, so I knew that I would enjoy this one too. But I more than enjoyed it- I loved it!! This duet is definitely my favourite of hers, so far. The story really hooked me right from the beginning, and the characters were so easy to invest in- the times I had to put the book down to return to the ‘real’ world was spent thinking about what was happening in the story and how quickly I could wrap up what I was doing and dive back into the book. I loved not having to wait between books, being able to flow right from one and into the next was a real bonus, because the way things ended in book one, I really needed to know what happened next!
Kenzie and Nicholas are two damaged individuals who are both carrying a heavy load of pain from their pasts. Both have major trust issues and both are quite guarded. He is a billionaire, and she works two jobs just to make ends meet. He desperately needs some help with a PR nightmare. And she really needs a way to make a better life for herself. So, when a unique opportunity presents itself which will address his PR problem and allow Kenzie to earn way more than she is presently- they both jump at the chance. And so the arrangement begins….
Kenzie and Nicholas are such complex characters- wounded souls who had endured so much. I really felt for them both- hearing what they’d been through was heartbreaking. I was so invested in them- rooting for them the whole way through. Yes, there were times they frustrated me and I wanted to shake some sense into them, but I understood why they were like that at times, because of their pasts.
The story is told from a duel point of view, which I really loved because I knew exactly what each character was thinking, their motivations behind their thoughts and actions, and gave me a better understanding of them and of what was going on.
The story is angsty, dramatic, intense and captivating. Ms. Quinn builds the tension brilliantly- keeping me hooked the entire way through. The flashbacks that were added to the story really helped to build the backstory, and gave us the insight into what our MC’s had been through. There were some harrowing and disturbing revelations- leaving me quite heartbroken for what they’d endured. There is violence, abuse, pain, and nightmares which may cause distress for some readers.
I love the bit of mystery woven into the storyline- wondering if there is something more to the whole situation, some plotting and hidden agendas, or whether it’s all just coincidental. By the end of book one, the suspense was killing me- but only proceeded to ramp up a few notches in book two. I had a few minor issues as there were a few errors, especially in book two, where there were wrong words, or missing words- and a few other inconsistencies… but they didn’t detract too much from my overall enjoyment of the story.
I really enjoyed this duet, it was a wonderful mixture of passion, romance, danger and suspense.
Looking forward to seeing what Ms. Quinn does next!

Thank you, Ms. Quinn!


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