The Traitor (An Underground Bad Boys Romance Book 2) by India Kells – Review by Shannon Fowler

The Traitor, An Underground Bad Boys SeriesThe Traitor, An Underground Bad Boys Series by India Kells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The characters in this story are just that, characters. They are funny, sweet, determined and super sexy together! Spencer Knox grew up a dangerous street rat, someone who would do anything for a safe place to sleep without a knife in the gut. Spencer decides he needs to get off of the street and change his ways. He moves to the isolated town of Landston to start over. No one knows him here and that’s the way he likes it. Josie Baird is also starting over without her crappy husband who is refusing a divorce until she finishes paying him that is. She is running herself to the bone, while trying to get that divorce. She is so determined and strong. Gage is Spencer’s friend from the streets. He’s looking for a break from the crime and hate filled city life. When these three meet there is an explosion of feelings but only one is willing to do anything about it until they are thrown together in work and play!

Of course with a title like, The Traitor, one wonders who that could be. There are secrets to be revealed but do secrets make you a traitor? Does choosing the lesser of two evils make you a traitor? Does having feelings for more than one person make you a traitor?

I love the way Kells writes. This story is interesting, page turning and even jaw dropping. The characters feel like real people, not too perfect, not too sexy, just right. The adventure these three take together could really happen but the style of writing helps this reader escape my real world.

Highly recommend this story.

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