Into Pieces (Shattered Hearts Series Book 2) by Nicole Banks – Review by Jenni Bishop

Into Pieces (Shattered Hearts #2)Into Pieces by Nicole Banks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Into Pieces (Shattered Hearts Series Book 2) by Nicole Banks continues from book 1 and I must say I enjoyed this part of the story than the first. It is well written and it is about real life problems and the angst of love. It is a story where all your emotions are out on display right along with the characters. The characters are more developed and you could feel that Nicole really put her emotions in them as well. This heart wrenching, soul searing and yet beautiful story will leave you wanting more. It also features our next couple in the romance department and it will be just as interesting read I am sure as this one was.

Jasmine and Angel and finally got their shit together and decided to work as a couple but as we all know falling in love and nothing is ever a walk in the park. They still have a lot of work to do on themselves and as we know taking a good hard look at yourself in the mirror is never a pleasant thing. Just when Jas thought her life was safe the horrors of her past are once again front and centre and taking its hold of her and threatening everyone she loves and her own sanity.

I look forward to reading Chases’ and Kris’ story next, I just know it will blow us away.

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