SAN DIEGO DEAD (Jake Wolfe Series Book 4) by Mark Nolan – Review by Lisa Helmick

San Diego Dead (Jake Wolfe #4)San Diego Dead by Mark Nolan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can not get enough of reading and visualizing Jake and Cody “working” together. When an officer says she need volunteer DNA sample from a suspect. Jake and Cody say “no problem” and proceed to “scare” the man til he pees his pants. Then smile and say Thank you for your donation. Stuff like this are what make Jake and Cody so much fun to read. Plus all the personable time with Cody wanting bacon or huffing in agreement or laughing(pant, pant, pant) at what Jake says. Cody is a star in his own. He helps make this action adventure story.

Jake ….well Jake is the brains of the operations. He is smart on his own. I love how his brain works to figure things out. He must get that from his Marine days. Think fast and on your feet. He is not afraid and steps right up to danger. His friends are as important as his dog are to him. I love love love his dedication to Cody. I am surprised all the places he takes Cody during the book. When Cody is added to him they are an unstoppable team.

The secondary characters are all helpful in moving the story along. Roxanne, Terrell, Pez and even the agents all have light hearted moments that make this story not quite so heavy. Add in Jakes sarcasm/wit and Cody’s dogginess and it’s a perfect recipe.

I have enjoyed all of these books so far. This one is no exception. It is full of action and moves right along. The characters are fun, dangerous and interesting. It’s easy to forget daily life and just keep reading about Cody and Jake. My only wish is that these would come out on audio.

PS. Thanks for the wonderful new gear I was able to read about. As always I love the Dear Reader at the back so I can find out what is real.

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