The Bad Twin by Avery Scott – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Bad TwinThe Bad Twin by Avery Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Bad Twin: A Mistaken Identity Billionaire Romance by Avery Scott is romance story that is quick and enjoyable read. How can someone be identical in every aspect an yet polar opposites in personality. Mistaken identity leads to a little drama but also a little fun, if only it could last. Will the truth make everything worse and one twin sit up and take notice?

Gabby has always coasted along in life, never putting down roots to anything, just does whatever she wants whenever she wants. Responsibility – what is that?

Abby is the worrier, she is reliable and the grown up and when her sister messes up she steps in to help her out. Only this time the lie could come back to bite her but the one good thing could be that Gabby can see what it is like to walk in her sisters shoes for a while.

As always a delight Avery.

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