A Dark Sparrow Box Set (Dark Sparrow Series Books 1-3) by India Kells – Review by Carrie Reed

A Dark Sparrow Box Set - Books 1-3A Dark Sparrow Box Set – Books 1-3 by India Kells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Dark Sparrow Box Set by India Kells
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Such a great set of books. The story in each book is filled with steamy romance, drama and action making for an excellent read, and this is only the first 3 of the six brothers!

In these books Lazarus King recruits Beatrice, his friend and the woman in charge of sending people out on dangerous rescue missions. Lazarus’ mission? To save all his bastard brothers from their father, Jamieson Finch.

The first books is about Aleksei and Deva.
Deva is such a strong woman. The way she pick up the pieces of her life after getting out of her father’s grip is admirable. When she chooses to help with wounded soldier’s rehab because of her brother, my heart melted, she is an amazing woman. When she meets Aleksei, it is no walk in the park. He pisses her off with almost everything he says but she still can’t deny the attraction they have.

The second book is about Zoe and Archer.
I just love Zoe. She is such a strong, independent, beautiful woman yet she is fragile and slightly self conscious. I am super impressed with her skills as a translator. The chemistry between her and her new boss Archer is off the charts. My heart breaks for Zoe, as sometimes she feels like she is not good enough for a man like him and then other times I want to scream at them both to just communicate better! The drama that unfolds with Archer’s new business buy out and Zoe’s brother is super exciting and along with all the action, fighting and plotting, really gave the book that extra edge. The secondary characters are very lovable and just as interesting to get to know. I would highly recommend this book and I personally can not wait to read Kai and Izzy’s story.

The third book is Izzy and Kai.
Kai’s father is a douche and Kai will stop at nothing to bring his father’s company down while also dealing with his feelings for Izzy. Izzy was brought in to help bring Kai’s father’s business down but at the same time her past secrets are revealed. Izzy is a strong woman, and her personality had me loving her from the very beginning.

These books can all be read as stand alones but they are MUCH better read in order, because they are all as equally amazing as the next one.

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