Beneath the Fallen City (The Omni Towers Series Book 1) by Jamie A. Waters – Review by Erin Wolf

Beneath the Fallen City (The Omni Towers, #1)Beneath the Fallen City by Jamie A. Waters
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I give Beneath the Fallen City (The Omni Towers Series Book 1) by Jamie A. Waters.

Ok, this is a new author to me and it sounded good, but I have been disappointed so many times in the past, I had no idea what to expect. OH. MY. GOD. This book was so good! The story itself is original and captures you from the beginning, never letting go until the end. And there is so much to the story! I found at least two different spots where a other books might end, but the story just keeps going on. You definitely get your money’s worth buying this book. The story itself covers many feelings: despair, love, fear, hope, and some humor thrown in to make it a rollercoaster ride of emotions you will happily ride. The world building is superb too, the author totally paints the picture of what she envisioned and you feel like you are there.

But we can’t forget the characters. Kayla is a superb main character. She feels lost, her parents have been gone for so long and in one way or another has lost all those she loved. Her best friend is all she has. Then she meets more people along the way and she has to decide if she should open her heart or not. There are many decisions she has to make in the story, and she uses her heart and what she has learned to decide. Most people do not understand her, but that still hasn’t stopped her from caring. There are so many secondary characters I could mention too, but I do no want to give anything away. I can say though that each one — whether friend or foe — is individual and stands apart from the others. There are quite a few I hope to see in the next book.

Ok, I think I am done gushing now. I have found a new author to love and cannot wait to read the next book. Needless to say, I highly recommend this wonderful book!

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