Demon’s Angel: Satan’s Devils MC (Colorado Chapter Book 2) by Manda Mellett – Review by Renee Ullery

Demon's Angel: Satan's Devils MC (Colorado Chapter) #2Demon’s Angel: Satan’s Devils MC (Colorado Chapter) #2 by Manda Mellett
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Demon’s Angel: Satan’s Devils MC (Colorado Chapter) #2 by Manda Mellett

This story is Violet’s and Demon’s story. Violet is trying her best with the hand she has been dealt, but she is in trouble. She is struggling with finding a good option. I do like Violet has a character.Violet experiences the trauma of a sexual assault so certain parts may be difficult for some readers.
The experiences she has endured has not made her bitter. She is taking care of so many others that she becomes used to being the source of answers. Demon comes in to help her and provides hope. However, he is adjusting to his position, and he is learning to navigate on what it means to lead. Overall, I enjoyed this story.

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