Draigon Weather (The Legacies of Arnan Book 1) by Paige L. Christie – Review by Jenni Bishop

Draigon Weather (The Legacies of Arnan, #1)Draigon Weather by Paige L. Christie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Draigon Weather (The Legacies of Arnan Book 1) by Paige L. Christie is a refreshing fantasy story that is both unique and original and very well thought out. The story is told from a dual POVs which I love because it gives us greater insight into the characters and what was happening with the story. It flows easily and her narrative is well written. The experiences of the main characters are told back and forth through time allowing us to experience each and every loss, their friendships and their painful journeys. They learn truths and lies and dreams that can never be. Paige has woven a complex tale that encompasses a world of righteous men and special women who are so much more than they seem.

Leiel and Cleod as thick as thieves and when Leiels world is torn apart, Cleod makes a promise to her that neither of them ever dreamed would affect them as it does. It is a sacrifice so great that it leaves them on opposite sides of their reality. Consequences that neither of them as children would ever have seen. There is so much pain and suffering that it is palpable with each turning page.

I am really looking forward to reading the other books in this series. This is a great debut to the series.

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