Hitting The High Note (A Four Horsemen Novel Book 3) by C A King – Review by Francis O’Sullivan

Hitting The High Note (A Four Horsemen Novel Book 3)Hitting The High Note by C.A. King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hitting the High Note is the third book in C.A. King’s fantasy series of Four Horsemen Novels. The series takes place in a modern day setting with a beautiful and elaborate mythology at its heart. There are demigods and demons, fighting over the fate of the world. There are horsemen and there are keys – soulmates tied together by their destiny.
As the title suggests, the protagonist of Hitting the High Note is a musician. Bekka has worked in her family music shop all her life, and it seems likely she will continue running it unless she plucks up the courage to audition for an orchestra. I enjoyed how the music was threaded through the plot – I’ve always been a fan of musical magic! I also appreciated Bekka’s taste for tea – the descriptions of her making and drinking tea made my mouth water!
This series is fantastic – the world is well developed and complex and the mythology links in with various familiar mythologies whilst still being unique and surprising. The characters at the centre of each book continue to appear in the background of subsequent books, so it’s great to catch up on them. And Uriel, the horseman this book focuses on, has already appeared in the past so I was eager to learn more of his character.
I would recommend reading the books in order, to get the full story, although King does a good job of reminding readers of what has happened so you could probably get away with reading this on its own if you’re particularly after a fantasy book about music.
For me, this is another five star book. It’s a great series, and I’m particularly excited about having a music-focused book! I’d recommend the series to fans of mythology and urban fantasy. Looking forward to reading the next one!

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