Chasing Clay (The DeWitt Agency Files Book 3) by Lance Charnes – Review by Francis O’Sullivan

Chasing Clay (The DeWitt Agency Files, #3)Chasing Clay by Lance Charnes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Chasing Clay is the third book in Lance Charnes’ The DeWitt Agency Files series. It’s a thrilling crime mystery, following ex-con Matt as he attempts to complete a mission for the agency that is guaranteed to bring his probation to an early end – either with his freedom or his incarceration.
Like the rest of the series so far, Chasing Clay focuses on art theft. As the name suggests, this book centres around ceramics. This was fascinating to read – I’m pretty sure all of the art crime books I’ve read so far have been about paintings so it was great to learn about a different art form with all of the history and culture surrounding it. Helpfully, Matt is also a bit out of his depth with ancient Asian ceramics so as he studies we get useful bits of information.
It’s a clever, action-packed book. The characters have understandable motivations (and reservations about what’s happening). It’s got plenty of mystery to keep you turning the pages!
I came into the series at this book, and I found I could follow the story well enough. Everything’s and everyone’s introduced to you and you get plenty of background. So if you’re particularly interested in ceramics you could jump in here. Having been captivated by this book, though, I’d now like to go back and read the previous two!
For me, this is a five star read. I’d recommend it to fans of art and mystery, particularly anyone interested in Thailand.

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