Chasing Clay (The DeWitt Agency Files Book 3) by Lance Charnes – Review by Michelle Austin

Chasing Clay (The DeWitt Agency Files, #3)Chasing Clay by Lance Charnes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Chasing Clay was a good 4 star read and book three in The DeWitt Agency Files series.
The book started off a little slow but once I got a little further in it took off and I couldn’t put it down.

Matt is an ex-con that has a year left on his probation. He’s tired of his probation officer breathing down his neck checking up on him all of the time. When he is given an opportunity to get off probation sooner he takes the job only problem is, he as 60 days to do it.

The job pertains to art theft of ceramics. Very expensive and historical ones. Is Matt in over his head? Can he solve the mystery and get off probation?

There were twists and turns with mystery and suspense. All of the secondary characters were great. Overall, I enjoyed this book, the author pulls you in with his writing. Each book in the series can be read as a stand alone. If you’re looking for a good suspenseful mystery read this is the series for you. 1-click and get started today.

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