Knight Watch (An Alliance Agency Novel Book 1) by Maddie Wade & India Kells – Review by Jenni Bishop

Knight Watch (An Alliance Agency Novel #1)Knight Watch by India Kells
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Knight Watch (An Alliance Agency Novel Book 1) by Maddie Wade & India Kells is a spin off from their other series and as soon as I see either of their names anywhere near a book then I know I have to have it. My girls never let me down. I have not read anything from these two that I have not loved. There is lots of suspense and danger, angst and sadness, amazing sparks and chemistry and above comradery. There is a lot of emotions to go through with this story and one was a deep sadness at the pain and suffering from our main character but with the help of a dark and sexy man and the Alliance Agency she may just come out the other side. All of the people related to the Agency are wonderful and funny, the banter just cracked me up laughing, but cross them and watch out. Find them sexy and hang on, ooooh la la.

Kingsley and his team on looking for a kidnapped woman and all it takes is one look for him to be slightly smitten. If only he could find her. It seems the one who wanted her found has an ulterior motive and he is definitely not what he seems. What they discover is evil incarnate and a whole twisted world.

Sydney has had so much loss and tragedy one top of one of the most horrendous ordeals in her life that has left her fighting to stay out of the dark deep hole. When she gets kidnapped she finally finds out some home truths about the person behind all her terror and sadness. So when a man with a sexy British accent comes to her rescue she doesn’t know who to trust.

This story is really well written as you come to expect from Maddie and India and I love the way characters from the other series cross over. Explosive read, yes so you will kick yourself if you don’t get it today. I am anxiously awaiting more from these two, the dynamic duo.

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