Hula Girl by Lara Ward Cosio – Review by Rosanna Ingram

Hula GirlHula Girl by Lara Ward Cosio
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Ava is a hard-working lawyer forced to take a vacation when one of the partners in the law firm she works at determines that she needs a break away from the office to clear her head after a recent incident during a deposition. To most people, a week on the island of Maui would be exciting and relaxing. After 3 days of trying to relax, unplug, and enjoy the beautiful island, Ava finds herself ready to get back to work. What starts out as a trek to find a laptop so she can check her emails sets into motion a series of events that will change Ava’s world forever.

Ford enjoys his morning surfing, teaching music to children on the island, and sipping on some nice tequila in the evenings. Finding Ava on the side of the road as she searches for cell service so she can navigate herself to the nearest electronics store is not usually part of his day. After some harmless flirting, Ava and Ford embark on a vacation romance that is super hot. Agreeing not to talk about their real lives, Hula Girl and Surfer Boy enjoy each other’s company in the bedroom and on the town until Ava must return back to Los Angeles. However, what happens in Hawaii doesn’t necessarily stay in Hawaii.

What happens when they see each other again and their real lives are more intertwined than ever? Ford is required to return to Los Angeles to wrap up business with his father and crosses paths with Ava. This chance meeting leads to a story of lies, love, and heartbreak that I found myself fully immersed in. Now Ford is the one on the timeline as he tries to prove to Ava that what they had in Hawaii is real while Ava is set on believing she can’t have love and the career she has worked so hard for. I found myself rooting for them along the way, hoping they would find their happy ending. This story was a wonderful reminder that sometimes the biggest obstacles to happiness is our own mind. A great read by an author that is new-to-me but one I will definitely be checking out in the future.

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