Master’s Rise: Book 1 (Phoenix Series) by L. Ann Marie – Review by Kerry Carr

Master's Rise: Book One (Phoenix Series)Master’s Rise: Book One by L. Ann Marie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first book in the Phoenix Series and it was a great book.

Cort is president of a MC thats been set up made of new and old members of people from different groups.

They all live by Brotherhood which meand they protect their own and their town. This become even more important when Cort meets Seren.

Seren runs the local hardware store and pizza place but after run ins with the locals Cort steps in to help her and sets up brother protection for her. There is an immediate attraction between them but Cort is cautious as he has been hurt before.

However Seren is different, she knows about the Brotherhood and understands their ways. However she isnt a woman to just sit back and do as she is told which means Cort has a challenge on his hands.

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