Recall: An Ash Park Novel (Volume 6) by Meghan O’Flynn – Review by Tausha Treadway

Recall: An Ash Park Novel (Volume 6)Recall: An Ash Park Novel by Meghan O’Flynn
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Recall: An Ash Park Novel (Volume 6) by Meghan O’Flynn. I love this series its about Detective Petrosky whose daughter was brutally murdered but things are finally looking up for him. He and his ex are on speaking terms, his new partner is good but the criminal world is still alive and well. When a councilman’s son is murdered the city turns into mass choas and even though there is no forensic evidence it looks like a professional hit. After searching for the killer and realizing they had killed at least 2 other people are they dealing with a serial killer? Petrosky and his partner are working amazing together and they are hoping to find this killer before even more people end up dead. I have loved reading about Petrosky, he has become one of my most favorite characters I’ve ever read. You can read this book as a standalone but it will be even better if you read all the previous books! These books can be dark and deal with sensitive topics but they are sooo good!

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